you want kfc??!

Thursday, July 06, 2017


I went to Tesco with my beloved Mama this evening. I was bored and wanted to step out of the house. I needed some fresh air, you know. Too much television is not good. Aha excuses to go out.

I don't really have anything to buy, because we had enough food at home. And I am not rajin to cook and try new recipes on the website. My mom only put some grocery in the trolley I pushed that we're almost running out of stock at home.

Looking at the products neatly arranged on the shelves strangily made me feel happy!?

Wow, so easy to release stress 😉

My favourite section, cereals!!! 
It was a really hot day so, I suggested to buy ice creams to cool myself down. I even offered to treat my mom.

But then, when I was starting to be nice wanting to buy her ice cream, she said

"Ingat nak belanja Mama KFC tadi"

Aigoo 😂😂😂😂 Seb baik I brought my duit raya with me, if not HAHAHAHAHA I'm not sure how to pay for the Kentucky chicken. I am penniless, remember?

Had 2 Super Jimat Box and Cheezy Wedges
Who need a boyfriend when you have a wonderful queen in your life? Geez, boyfriend is burdensome, people! (Err maybe not, if I have one 😂) 
But then, when I was happy going home with full tummy, I saw my whatsapp messages my housemate sent to me,

How can I not feeling bad when someone ask me that question? Especially when I look like a fat potato.

*hiding under the blanket*

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