my first Hermo haul

Thursday, July 20, 2017


I had my first Hermo haul at the beginning of year and I purchased 6 items out of products that I have wishlisted. Unfortunately, I haven't do any review yet, because hm I'm lazy (?!) But, I'll surely do it when I have time 🙄 hehe

At the time I bought these products, I haven't figured out about Althea website yet. Mostly, they sell products much much more cheaper than Hermo does. Boleh jimat banyak gila duit okay, serious. Let's take a look what I had bought on January (or February, entah tak ingat sebab dah berkurun simpan)

1. Maybelline The Blushed Nudes palette
I had been eyeing this eyeshadow palette dari sebelum dapat tawaran belajar. I attracted to the beautiful pink packaging. Please lah geram sangat sebab it looks so cute. This palette costs RM69.90 but I bought it only for RM46.11 😍 Huh see?! Beli online lagi murah gila compared to beli direct kat drugstores. It also depends on the discount masa tu so, kena rajin check untuk dapat harga murah.

2. Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
Because of my stubborn blackheads, I purchased this just to see whether it helps to reduce it or not. The scent memang superb tak payah cakap apa apa. Tapi it's really oily. As I have oily skin type, rasa uncomfortable bila pakai sebab rasa minyak banyak sangat. Tapi after bilas dengan warm water, okay dah rasa clean macam biasa. I bought this around RM25 (kot) lebih kurang lah sebab lupa nak catat and the receipt pun dah hilang.

3. Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum
I wonder how green tea have seed?? 😕 Tak kisah lah ada or tak, but I use this products a lot in my skincare routine especially at night. Kalau retail or beli through instashops, harga around RM90 to RM110 macam tu. Tapi masa ni discount memang meletop, jadi aku dapat beli dengan harga RM61.

4. Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X Light
Woah, I just love serum a lot. Especially this one sebab dia sangat light. Lol nama pun dua kali ganda light kan 😂 Selalunya serum kan thick and some leave sticky feelings jadi tak sesuai pakai masa siang. Tapi yang ni tak sebab texture dia watery sama macam essence. This serum also very cheap, it costs only RM19.90 for 30ml.

5. Etude House Dear Darling Tint 03 Red Orange
Close family and friends know how much I love lip tint and Etude House is absolutely my favourite brand for lip products. Good pigmentation as always. Tapi texture for this tint is more to gel. So, tak ada lah tahan lama sangat. This colour is more to orange rather than red. Tapi aku memang nak orange pun so I'm happy with it. And girls, it's so cheap!! Well, takde lah murah harga sehinggit err over gila. It costs RM28 per code.

6. Banila Co. Clean It Zero 
I bought this for RM59 only. In almost every skincare routine videos on youtube, mesti ada balm ni. Product ni as many people know to remove makeups especially the heavy one. Tapi aku selalu pakai light je so, jarang lah pakai. Tapi for double cleanse, it's a good product. Highly recommended. Dia datang with scoop which means hygenic sebab tak colek dengan jari. Bagus lah Banila Co.Texture dia pulak balm tapi bila sapu kat muka terus transforms jadi oil. Rasa macam magik gila masa first time pakai. Hah gituu. Scoop sikit, sapu kat muka, terus makeup tanggal. Cuma sebab dia oily kan, itu yang rasa macam leceh sikit. Rasa macam dah lah muka aku minyak, pastu nak sapu lagi minyak 😥

That's it! Heh it tooks me 5 months to finally do my Hermo haul entry 😶

You can click here, and will be directed to Hermo website.

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