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Saturday, August 05, 2017


Okay now, I'll be reviewing the beauty products set from Mylara Skincare. Harap maklum, all the items were purchased with my own money. Okay tipu 😛, guna duit belanja yang mak kasi sebenarnya. Hoho.

I've been using it for almost 1 month. Kira macam dah cukup lah masa untuk tengok perubahan pada muka. Before this, I used Eversoft Organic Yuzu & Ginkgo Cleanser for also almost a month. Boleh click to read my review. Tapi stop pakai sebab banyak jerawat kecil-kecil tumbuh especially bahagian dahi. The first 2 weeks pakai Eversoft cleanser tu, Alhamdulillah okay je tapi after that, the problem started to rise.

The product set I bought from Mylara Skincare is 4-in-1 Skin Perfecting Facial Set (Advance Skincare Set).

Box Packaging: White box with all the ingredients and direction written at the back. 

Hygenic: Yes, sebab datang dengan 2 penutup setiap item.

Price: RM95 inc postage (kalau beli dekat main igshop) tapi aku beli dengan harga RM90 inc postage sebab beli kat @mylara_harga_student)

Suitable for all skin types

1. 4-in-1 Collagen Cleanser

Description: A versatile and effective quadruple cleanser that eliminates all traces of make-ups, dirt, oil and impurities. Gently removes eye make-up and mildly exfoliates for a softer, smoother and brighter complexion.

Size: 60ml

Price: Kalau beli asing RM24

Ingredients: Click here.

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Soft pink colour with gel texture

Scent: Floral scent 

How to use:
Cleanse twice daily using this two-step process; 
  • Apply 1-2 pumps of cleanser onto wet hands, work into soft lather massage face and neck gently.
  • Rinse with warm water and gently allow your skin to dry before applying Mylara Pore Refining Facial Toner.
My thoughts: 
Aku selalu pump twice sebab kalau satu macam rasa tak cukup. Tapi kalau nak jimat pump sekali jelah. Although texture dia gel (lebih kurang macam Cetaphil cleanser) but this one got bubble. Suka dia punya scent and after basuh muka rasa segar dan hydrated (tak rasa kering dan ketat macam certain cleanser)

2. Pore Refining Toner 

Description: Facial toner supports skin’s natural processes of cleansing and revitalizing by minimizing visible pores, balancing moistures, and oil content, leaving skin looking and feeling healthy, toned and radiant.

Size: 60ml

Price: Kalau beli asing RM24

Ingredients: Click here.

Ingredients Analysis: Alcohol denat might cause irritation to people with sensitive skin (Irritation rate: 5)

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Pink colour, watery

Scent: Floral scent sama macam cleanser

How to use:
Use after each cleansing on dry face;
  • Wet cotton pads with generous amount of toner and gently glide over face and neck using light upward movement. For optimum protection, finish with Mylara Matte Miracle CC Cream or Mylara Revitalizing Night Cream.

My thoughts:
Bila pakai terus rasa mild tight kat muka. This toner is even better than my Simple toner. Dia best sebab it comes in spray bottle. Kalau rajin boleh pakai cotton pads tapi kalau malas boleh spray je terus kat muka. Convenient sangat dan senang nak bawa pergi mana-mana sebab botol dia tak terlalu besar. Tapi takde lah terlalu kecil, just nice.

3. Matte Miracle CC Cream SPF 30

Kalau day dream and night cream ada penutup macam ni

Kiri; before & Kanan; after

All- in-one multi-tasking cream that miraculously protects your skin from harmful sun rays with SPF 30. Clinically proven to improve skin texture and hydrate with an elegant matte finish. As “CC” stands for color corrective, it includes, skin-brightening primer, lightweight foundation, moisturizer, with anti-aging ingredients and collagen boosters.

Size: 7g

Price: RM28 kalau beli asing

Ingredients: Click here

Ingredients Analysis: So far, takde yang merbahaya pada kulit. 

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Pinkish, creamy texture

Scent: Neither floral nor fruity scent. Bau dia sedap macam rasa nak makan 😂

How to use:
After applying Mylara Facial Toner, CC Cream is best used 15 minutes before sun explosure and reapplying in every 2 hours is recommended if exposure to sun persists.

My thoughts: 
My skin looks brighter as soon as I apply the cream. Nampak cerah in the most natural way. And paling penting sebab nampak kulit sihat pinkish instead of cerah pale. However, this is not the best day cream I've ever tried. CC Cream ni tak long lasting. Bila berpeluh, cream tu dah hilang sikit demi sikit. Nanti jadi bertompok. Terpaksa tepek bedak nak bagi dia tahan lama sikit. Rasa leceh sebab nak kena apply banyak kali. Dah lah aku jenis pemalas tahap gaban. And if lap peluh guna kain or tissue, nanti ada kesan cream tu sekali =____=" Lagi satu, one of the reason aku tak suka cream ni sebab dia oily. Jadi, bagi aku tak sesuai untuk orang yang ada kulit berminyak macam aku. Bila lama-lama rasa kotor, berminyak dan berat sangat muka so, rasa tak selesa. 

4. Revitalizing Night Cream

Description: An ultra luxurious whitening night cream that deeply nourishes and moistens skin for up to 8 hours. Helps to diminish dark spots and visibly whitens skin as early as 14 days with clinically proven ingredients. 

Size: 7g

Price: RM28 kalau beli asing

Click here.

Ingredients Analysis:
Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ascorbyl Palmitate might cause clogged pores and irritation. Tapi rate cuma 2 saja.

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Pinkish, thick cream

Scent: Floral

How to use:
Before going to bed, after cleansing and toning session;
  • Using your fingertips, apply a thin layer onto face and neck.
  • For deep absorption, gently massage in about 1-2 minutes.

My thoughts:
Bila bau terus jatuh cinta sebab wangi sangat!!! The night cream is quite thick (sikitlah) dan rasa macam sticky at first. But after applying all over the face, tunggu seminit terus serap. Tak ada rasa melekit dah. Rasa ringan je muka. 

5. Glowing Gel

Colour/Consistency/Texture: Transparent, light gel texture macam aloe vera 

Scent: No scent

My thoughts:
Suka sebab FREE! Dan once sapu terus serap zassssssss 

Kalau korang pergi Mylara Skincare punya website, ada banyak sangat item. Hydro Whitening Rose Peeling Gel, Water Drop Aqua Essence, Acne Gel etc. The gold series lagi lah menawan hati. Fikir duit jeeee. 

Alhamdulillah, ni first time pakai local skincare set yang tak cause breakout kat muka. Rasa bersyukur yang amat. 

Recommended: Yes, absolutely

Repurchase: Would love to <3

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