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Monday, August 14, 2017


Yes yes yes, the day that I've been waiting has finally come. I went to IOI City Mall with my family this evening and as always, when I go there, I need/must/have to go to any Korean restaurant. Wajibul. I've write so many times already (kot?) on how much I love Korean food especially the spicy rice cake. 

I went to find some Korean food alone, sebab tengah gaduh dengan Adik. I had been looking at Hanbing's menu online for days so, I need to satisfy my craving and yeah, I went to Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe that is located on the ground floor. That was not my first time because I had been there before with Makteh and her kids. But since I was there all by myself, I just ordered 1 Injeolmi Snow Ice because the portion is really big though. I wasn't sure if I could finished it. I ordered the Injeolmi bingsu sebab nak rasa tteok (rice cakes) yang topping dia tu sebenarnya. 

Injeolmi Snow Ice RM22
I give a really big thumbs up for the taste! πŸ‘ I am in love with the sweet rice cakes wah sedap sangat weh. I'm screaming silently. I thought they just give only 2 pieces of sweet rice cakes but nah, they are quite generous. In between the snow ice, lepas godek godek, hehe μ°Ύμ•˜λ‹€!! I found lot of small tteok in there. So chewy yums. For me, the prices are a bit expensive. Tapi worth it sangat. Ais dia sangat smooth, halus je.

Konon tak dapat habiskan that big bowl of bingsu πŸ™„ Ergh, please lah Aida, I have a big space for them, told my tummy. Tapi memang sejuk gila, sumpah. Masa dah nak dekat habis tu, I was shivering so bad. My hands were shaking. My whole body rasa macam on vibrate mode. Aku rasa kalau hembus nafas mesti keluar asap dari mulut HAHAHAHAHA acah macam kat Korea je aku ni. Feeling sekali sekala.

Tapi kan, I really think everyone needs to come with partner or friends. If not, rasa lonely dan nampak tersangatlah kesian. Macam aku. Oh my, tengok orang lain datang dengan kawan-kawan, dengan suami, dengan boyfriend, aku?! Muahaha makan sorag-sorang kat situ sambil pandang screen phone.

I would share also what I ate a year ago, at the same place with Makteh.

It was about a year ago, on December. I ordered a lot because there were 6 of us altogether. 

For the bingsu, we ordered Mango Snow Ice and Oreo Snow Ice. MasyaAllah, sedap dia macam tak boleh nak luahkan. Mango tu manis macam mangga harum manis gitu. Dah lah tak kedekut langsung memang bagi big pieces of mango. Banyak pulak tu. Tolong lah. I was totally satisfied with the bingsu (s). As for their Classic Topokki and Cheese Topokki, hm I was really disappointed. I love their visuals and they even came with seaweed rolls. But, the sauce tasted really weird. Rasa macam cili kering Malaysia yang diblend dan dia buat jadi topokki sauce. Kau rasa macam mana aku boleh tahu? HAHAHAHAHA sebab pernah try buat kat rumah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Teruk doo rasa kuah topokki kalau buat macam tu oh my god I cannot lah. Tak boleh nak telan. 

Tapi sekarang I'm not sure how their topokki sauce taste like. InsyaAllah, next visit, boleh lah try order 1 set of topokki. Harap they really improve the taste lah by then. Kalau tak, memang tidak ler nak try lagi huhu. 

My face becomes bigger each day

μ°Ύμ•˜λ‹€: cha-jatt-da (I found it)

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  1. Nampak sedap!

    I love toppoki tho.

    1. Bingsu kat situ semua mmg sedapppp! Give it a try πŸ˜‰ I love topokki too hehe

  2. Wahhh, nampak sedap. IOI City Mall dah dekat tapi perginya baru sekali....hehe

    Kene serang juga cafe korean food ni :)

    1. Next time kalau pergi IOI City Mall, try lah bingsu dia! Ajak kawan2 sekali boleh try banyak jenis hahaha