driving II

Saturday, June 17, 2017


After days of driving lesson on the track and 1 day on the road, on Thursday, my trainer took me for QTI (Qualifying Test at Institute) which is a pre-test. It was so sudden that I couldn't help myself but get nervous. I had to pass it anyway in order to be able to take the JPJ test.

I thought I only have to be tested on the track, but nope, I have to drive on the road also. The moment the driving institute instructor pointed to me the car that I'll be driving, I told myself "망했다....내가 끝났다". I use Perodua Kancil during the whole driving lesson class but then, I have to drive Perodua Axia for the first time, on QTI day.

Once I sat on the driver seat, I forgot everything I learnt. As I drive towards the hill, I remembered I forget to put on the seat belt. Astaghfirullah, how can I forget such important thing? Luckily, it's just a pre-test, and the driving institute instructor not yet with me. If not, I would most probably failed 😓 I should relaxed back then. I did great on the track, no mistakes at all exclude the seat belt.

After I was done with the track, the instructor got into the car and told me to continue with road driving. I did..........okay bad, I guess. Sighed. Enjin asyik mati, lagi-lagi masa kat traffic light  😭 I am sure that's my most concern 'bout driving since the first lesson. The instructor get annoyed,

"Jangan bagi enjin mati"

"Cepat sikit, laju lagi laju"

"Enjin mati lagi"

"Mati lagi aduh"

I didn't do it intentionally, okay? Duh, you are getting on my nerves *roll eyes*

At the finishing line, he sort of halau me away. He said "Dah, keluar! Keluar, keluar".
That's hurt my pride tho. Whatever, all that matter is I passed the QTI!!!!! And right away, my trainer book a date for JPJ test for me. It'll be on 21st July 😱😱😱 I am starting to get tired of going to driving lesson now, therefore I want this to end quickly.

망했다 : mang-haett-da (I screwed up)

내가 끝났다: nae-ga kkeut-natt-da (I am finished)

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